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As a full-service wire rope conveyor cable specialist, our unique familiarity with wire rope and the splicing process allows us to provide customized sales solutions.


We stock wire rope cable (including nylon coated, stainless steel, galvanized) from major manufacturers and ship to clients in the United States & internationally.


For assistance with your unique wire rope cable sales needs, please complete the quote request form or call us directly at +1 (925) 779-9473.

We provide onsite wire rope cable inspection services. Our unique familiarity with wire rope cable used on conveyor systems and the complex splicing process, allows us to provide our clientele with fast, accurate, feedback on potential problem splices. Specialists then work in conjunction with the maintenance team to develop a replacement plan.  

For assistance with your wire rope cable inspection needs, please complete the quote request form or call us directly at +1 (925) 779-9473.

Wire Rope Splicing

We custom manufacture wire rope assemblies (endless loop) for conveyor lines.  Our specialty is the Long splice. The Long splice is used to create a continuous or endless loop of wire rope cable frequently utilized on conveyor systems. The splice is a difficult multi-step labor intensive process in which two wire rope cable ends are joined end to end and the strands are intertwined to merge the two individual wire rope cable ropes ends.

We have mastered the Long splice wire rope cable splicing technique since founding our family business more than 70  years ago.  We utilize a variety of complex techniques to achieve the tightest, most durable wire rope cable splice possible. Our wire rope cable splices are found in a variety of applications from conveyor systems, drilling rigs, amusement park rides, ski lifts, and other manufacturing processes.

Our proven experience can be viewed first hand in the quality of our wire rope cable splices we perform regularly for diverse clientele in the Unites States and around the world.  For assistance with your unique wire rope cable splicing needs, please complete the quote request form or call us directly at +1 (925) 779-9473. 


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